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History of Pihama Dairy Factory

Pihama Dairy Factory was built as a wooden build in 1897 on the site of what was the Stephenson Flax Mill. It burned down in 1922 and was rebuilt that year as a concrete structure. The factory continued to operate producing world class butter and cheese until 1967. After is closed it was used to house a piggery and suffered a second fire in 1977. This destroyed two thirds of the roof. The burned out shell was purchased by a young family in the in 1980s. They spent the next thirty years converting the premises into their family home. The current owner purchased the property off them in 2014 and has endeavoured to continue their vision as well as putting her own stamp on the property. 

Pihama Dairy Factory Pre 1922
Pihama was factory 627
The facade of the 1922 factory
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